Aalborg Vinfestival 2018

Aalborg Vinfestival 2018

Bulgarian Wine participated at one of the biggest wine festivals in Denmark – Aalborg Vinfestival in October 2018.

Our stand was the exotic gem of the festival among popular Italian, Spanish and French wine-stands. Many people have never tried or even heard of Bulgarian wine and were quite surprised but skeptical too. However this skepticism lasted only until the first taste glasses of our unique Bulgarian wines. Once tried, everybody was quite positively surprised how good a Bulgarian wine could be especially on this kind of prices.

A lot of guests wanted to try local grape varieties , that is why our unique wine Uniqato Rubin (100% local grape variety) quickly became the favorite of any people. However the premium wine Redark became the most sold wine on the festival.

In addition the sweet dessert wines Damiana and Melnik 1964 won the hearts of many guests especially the female ones. Many could not believe that these wines taste equally or even better than Port and are times cheaper.

Of course the diversification of personal tastes is quite important factor, as the good performance of the rest of the wines, was a proof that with the selection of just 8 wines we managed to satisfy various wine tastes.

Overall the first wine festival for Bulgarian Wine was successful event where many people heard about us, recognized Bulgaria as another wine country and most import – enjoyed the wines we offer.


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