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Accidently or on purpose you have run into the one and only store for Bulgarian wine, exclusively created for the real lovers of the delightful drink who live in Denmark.

Bulgarian wine traditions date back to centuries. Here are just a few of the interesting facts for the Bulgarian wine:

Bulgaria was the world’s second largest wine producer in 1980s.

According to archaeological researches, the current territory of Bulgaria is considered to be the first geographical wine region.

One of the oldest Thracian treasure “Panagyurishte” which consists mainly of golden wine sets, has been discovered in Bulgaria.

Why Bulgarian Wine

The long and rich history of Bulgarian wine, the thousands of years tradition in wine making and the high quality of Bulgarian wine are reasons this country to stay shoulder to shoulder with major producers such as France and Italy. Today, Bulgaria may not be able to compete with these top leaders in quantity of wine produced, but the quality is still as good as the old black and thick wine of the Thracians, which Homer glorifies in his poem “Iliad”! The local grape varieties add a slight but unique touch to every wine produced in Bulgaria. The diverse geographical features of the country are reason for the great choice of various and unique wines.

Why Denmark

Bulgarian WineFor all the years I have lived in Denmark as part of my education at Aalborg University, I had the chance to observe the great passion for wine among Danes. But what amazed me is that when you look for a wine in Denmark you will find wines from all over the world – France, Italy, Spain, USA, New Zealand etc., but there is no place, where one can buy a nice Bulgarian wine. I have had many occasions when I have needed a good Bulgarian wine on hand, and I could not get. Whether it has been for a present on a holiday or just to represent my country in front of some friends, wine connoisseurs and professionals I have always faced a big obstacle!

This really surprised me, at the same time challenged me. The fact that the Danes as wine lovers do not have the opportunity to buy and taste a real good Bulgarian wine, simply motivated me. That is why I have decided to undertake this task and pave the wine road from Bulgaria to Denmark, by importing a high quality of personally selected Bulgarian wines. I believe that once a person, who appreciates a nice wine and knows how to enjoy it, will be more than curious to explore the world of the Bulgarian wine – new on the Danish market, but with century traditions in its production.

Experience new sensations through the high premium Bulgarian wines.

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In fact the best wine on offer by far is an oak aged, thoroughly rancio Dessert Melnik 1964 from Damianitza just over the border from Greece which would sell for a fortune if labelled Banyuls.

Jancis Robinson

Uniqato Rubin is another good wine with a velvetiness that would have been unthinkable a few years ago, made from the scented Bulgarian 1940s crossing of Nebbiolo and Syrah. With a memorable name like that it could catch on.

Jancis Robinson

Brilliant! Not atall what I expected from the Melnik  Refined, with gorgeous long fine tannins, dark berries and maybe, just maybe some chocolate. The blend really takes the edge off the shiraz and makes this a great 'right - now' wine, but it'll probably hold up over a few years too. 

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