Personal Preferences

Personal Preferences

Choose Your Top Wine – PART 5

Personal preferences 

It’s important to remember that critics tend to taste for typicity as well as quality and preference. A critic might not like Beaujolais for instance, but will have tasted enough of them to tell whether one is a good quality version showing the clean, fresh, fruity character typical of the wine style. The point here is that high scores from a critic will mean nothing if you don’t like the style of wine he or she is assessing. 


Above all else, trust your own palate. Everyone’s tasting experience is unique; a trusted critic can offer guidance, but rely on your own taste buds to decide if a wine is worth buying. It has to be said that the power of the Internet has dethroned wine critics in some ways because so many passionate enthusiasts post their tasting notes. These, along with producer websites, make it as easy as a Google search to research wines before buying them. 

In your quest for that perfect bottle, remember that time, place, mood, company, and food all influence how much you enjoy it—almost as much as what is actually in the bottle. 

The best way to make a good wine great and a great wine memorable is to drink it with someone with whom you’re in love. 


Although all of the secrets listed above are true, none are the truth. The truth is wine appreciation starts and ends with your connection with the wine and your respect for the fruit, earth, and sun that goes into it. 

Of course, any discussion about good wines can only be subjective, once you have checked out the label and the production facts, because everyone’s expectations and tastes are very different. However, select a wine you can enjoy — and really, if you enjoy it, then it’s a pretty good wine, regardless of the provenance or the price. 


Credits to Carolyn Hammond
And her book “1000 Best Wine Secrets” 

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